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Rhode Island Police Officer Dies in Unusual Wrong-Way Crash

Wrong-way crashes on highways are relatively rare, but are often fatal because of the increased force of two vehicles in a head-on crash and because such collisions are usually at a high rate of speed.

Rhode Island State Police said a 24-year-old Jamestown police officer was on his way home from work when his Dodge Charger was struck head-on. According to surveillance video and witnesses the 23-year-old Massachusetts man that caused the crash was driving the right way on I-95, but then suddenly pulled onto the shoulder, made an illegal U-turn and headed in the opposite direction at a high rate of speed. Shortly thereafter, he slammed into the off-duty officer. The reckless driver’s car burst into flames. Firefighters had to put the fire out before using the Jaws of Life to free both men, who were pronounced dead at local hospitals. The crash is under investigation; the surveillance video did not cover the actual crash. Police said there were no signs of drugs or alcohol in the reckless driver’s car, but they are still waiting for toxicology results. According to the man’s mother, he may have been at a graduation party earlier that evening.

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