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Resist the Temptation To Settle To Soon With Litigation Funding

Every personal injury lawsuit is different; some may resolve in a few months; others may take several years. On average a case will take roughly two years to resolve, but trials and appeals can prolong the settlement for many years.

The first year is devoted to the injuries – diagnosing, treating and, hopefully, improving the condition. On the legal side, a personal injury lawyer will perform initial case investigation and records compilation, and notify the defendant and his insurance company of the claim. A lawsuit may be filed and a “value” placed on the case.

How is the value of a case determined? The single most important factor in determining the value of any personal injury case is the extent to which the injured party has suffered a serious or permanent injury. It is important that a doctor determines the ‘seriousness’ of the injury and renders an opinion. Typically, doctors’ will use one year post-injury as the general rule of thumb for determining permanency.

It is important not to resolve a case too quickly because once the case is resolved, releases are signed and checks are distributed, there is no going back; the case is settled. Know the full extent of your permanent limitations, if any, before settling your case. It is also in a plaintiff’s best interest to avoid rushing a settlement because if the insurance company realizes this eagerness to settle, it will take advantage of the plaintiff and provide an inadequate, low-ball settlement offer.

Resist the temptation for a quick settlement. If you are struggling financially to pay important bills or expenses, like mortgage payments, rent, tuition, food, etc., litigation funding may be available to bridge the gap between the first settlement offer and an appropriate resolution of your case.

Ask your attorney for advice on whether litigation funding may be appropriate in your situation. If you qualify, we will provide you with the money you need now to help pay household bills, medical expenses, mortgage payments, utility bills or any other important expense, while you and your lawyer pursue your case. No repayment is made until you successful settle your case; if you lose, you keep our lawsuit cash, free of charge.

If you have been seriously injured and have not yet retained an attorney, we can assist you in finding an attorney in your area that specializes in the type of incident that caused your injury. Call Lawsuit Financial toll free at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit us online. The call is free; the advice is priceless.

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