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Relieve Financial Pressure Today so you can wait out the Legal Process for a Just and Fair Settlement

Our legal system is not designed to immediately compensate victims for injuries and damages sustained in an auto accident.

Waiting to settle a lawsuit can be a financial drain; many plaintiffs will experience mounting bills and increased debt. Yet, banks are not willing to provide a loan against a pending lawsuit or to those out of work. At times like this, Lawsuit Financial is able to help.

Two lawsuits have been filed against a rubber products company and one of its employees after the plaintiffs were allegedly injured in an auto accident. According to the complaint, the employee was actively working within the scope and duty of his employment when he caused a rear-end collision, resulting in serious injuries to both plaintiffs. The suit claims the negligent driver failed to yield the right of way; failed to keep a reasonable and proper lookout; failed to maintain control of the truck; failed to apply the brakes of the truck in time to avoid the collision; failed to observe traffic; and followed too closely, among other violations. The plaintiffs are seeking an undisclosed amount in damages.

It is easy to understand the pressures that a seriously injured victim can experience after an auto accident. Medical bills, lost time, and the pain and stress of just the healing process combine to make any plaintiff want to settle quickly, no matter the cost. That is just what the insurance companies hope.

When the financial strains are too much to bear lawsuit funding is much needed relief that will let you pursue your case to a favorable conclusion. Once we received a funding application, one of our underwriters will evaluate case documentation and a likely settlement amount. Funding decision are based on case strength not your financial position, your credit, or whether or not you’re working.

Although most people will use the money to pay medical and ordinary living expenses, as well as unexpected burdens that may arise, there are no restrictions with lawsuit funding. Additionally, there are no monthly payments. We are repaid once the case successfully settles. What is even better is the fact that if you were to lose your case, you would not be required to repay the cash advance. So, no matter what happens, you NEVER have to pay a penny out of your own pocket!

Are you involved in a lawsuit and struggling financially while waiting for your case to settle? Get the financial relief that you desperately deserve today. Call 1- (877) 377-7848 or submit an online contact form for a no-risk, no-obligation funding review.

Lawsuit Financial is a direct legal finance company providing plaintiffs with the highest level of customer service and low rates. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!