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Reckless Driving Kills Two Teenagers

This is a prime example of a wrongful death lawsuit in the making. The parents of the passenger in this fatal crash have grounds to pursue legal action. While their son initially survived the crash, his injuries subsequently proved to be fatal after he arrived at the hospital.

This was a single vehicle crash that took place in Ohio and involved a driver and a passenger, both only 16 years old. Eyewitnesses and the State Highway Patrol clocked the young driver at excessive speeds just prior to the moment he lost control of as he was cresting a grade. The car, a Hyundai, careened into a concrete bridge abutment and came to an abrupt and fatal halt. The driver was pronounced dead, by paramedics at the scene. The passenger was dead on arrival at the hospital.

This will be a tough, emotional, case for everyone involved. It is difficult when youngsters, with their whole lives ahead of them, die so young as a result of a bad decision. We can only speculate whether speeding was the only cause or whether other distraction, like texting or otherwise using a mobile phone, played any role in the tragedy. A wrongful death lawsuit will likely sort out the details.

If the family decides to pursue litigation, the wise choice would be to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. They should do so, sooner than later, because time is of the essence in these cases; evidence must be collected and preserved for trial. The process is easily explained by an experienced attorney upon initial contact from the family.

It is also likely that this serious case will take a fair length of time to either be settled out of court or to await a jury verdict. Accident victims who must wait long periods for justice may wish to consider a service known as “lawsuit funding”. This pre-settlement funding is a service that assists injury victims and their families in dealing with all their expenses while they await the outcome of their litigation; it prevents them from having to settle too early for a lower amount than what their attorney feels is fair under the circumstances of the case.

Litigation funding
has been a godsend to many clients over the years; of course, it cannot take away the pain of an injury or the loss of a loved one. But it can help victims achieve better results and more realistic compensation in their personal injury or wrongful death litigation.