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Raining Conditions and Negligence Don’t Mix

A couple in a Chevy pick-up truck crossed the median and hit a van closing the Interstate 69 for over five hours while police investigated. The couple in the pick-up and the driver in the van died at the scene. Witnesses said it was raining, but it is unclear if weather was a factor. A detailed investigation is ongoing. In the meantime, family members of the innocent victims may wish to consult and auto accident attorney to understand their rights and hold the negligent party responsible. An auto accident attorney can help recoup lost wages, medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, damages for pain and suffering, as well as other expenses associated with the auto accident. Additionally, the family may wish to learn their options if they are struggling to meet unexpected financial obligations due to their loss. The best solution to avoid further debt or settling too soon, for too little is to seek a “lawsuit loan.”

What is a “lawsuit loan?” It is not a loan, at all, but rather a cash advance against a pending lawsuit. Lawsuit Financial, the litigation funding expert, knows that claims can take years to settle; time that most plaintiffs don’t have when the bills are piling up, especially if the victim was the sole breadwinner. Financial hardship caused by an auto accident can leave innocent victims questioning whether to accept a low offer from the insurance company. Lawsuit funding could be the solution.

Applying for a lawsuit cash advance is simple with our one-page online application. There are no credit checks or employment verification; all that matters is a winnable case. The best part is that pre-settlement lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance meaning that if you lose your lawsuit, you do not need to repay the “loan.” Instead of worrying about financial problems or even bankruptcy, with the help of Lawsuit Financial, plaintiffs are able to concentrate on healing physically and emotionally while their attorney will have time to achieve a fair settlement.

Many accidents are due to careless, often inconsiderate, driving habits. People who exercise extreme caution when driving in snowy or icy conditions, often times don’t think twice about driving in the rain. When you get behind the wheel in any less than favorable weather conditions, it is your legal responsibility to take all measures to avoid an accident. Remember to take necessary precautions – allow extra time to reach your destination, slow down, brake earlier that usual, don’t tailgate, and increase visibility by turning on headlights.

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