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Qui Tam or Whistle Blower Litigation: Lawsuit Financial Assistance is Available

Today, I came across an interesting article entitled “Fired State Worker Gets Job, Cash Settlement“. It is about a former Cabinet worker in former Kentucky Governor Ernie’s Fletcher’s administration. Apparently, Sarah Missy McCray was a victim of retaliation because she was a whistle blower in a hiring practice merit system scandal during Fletcher’s administration. McCray will receive $500,000 and a $62,500 per year job in current Governor Steve Beshear’s administration. Gov. Beshear indicated that the case was “one of the most egregious examples of how many state workers came to work each day fearing for their jobs. It left us with the task of cleaning up the mess created by the previous administration.”

The lawsuit alleged that former Transportation Secretary Bill Nighbert retaliated against McCray for testifying before a Franklin County grand jury involved in the investigation. It alleges that Nighbert refused to approve McCray’s job performance bonus recommended by her supervisor. Fletcher issued a blanket pardon for those indicted, and all charges against him were dropped in an agreement with the attorney general’s office in which he admitted serious evidence of wrongdoing in his administration.

Qui Tam Litigation or “Whistle blowers” Litigation is quite complicated and specialized litigation. Often, as here, it results in job loss and long-term litigation. This combination can be devastating to the aggrieved litigant as he/she is usually fighting a well-financed corporate defendant (or “city hall” as was the case, here) without employment and without adequate financial support. Lawsuit Financial is one of the few lawsuit financing firms with the expertise to evaluate and provide lawsuit funding in Qui Tam lawsuits. Lawsuit financial support is also available in more tradtional cases such as Auto Accident Cases, Premises Liability Cases, Medical Malpractice Cases, Wrongful Death Cases, and others. For free information about whether your case qualifies for lawsuit funding, please give us a call, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848) or visit us on the web at