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Put Your Finances Back on Track with a Lawsuit Cash Advance

It is stressful enough when you or a family member is seriously injured, without worrying about losing everything. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come to a halt just because you’re involved in a lawsuit, but a long legal process can drain an injured victim emotionally and financially. When things are at their worst, many plaintiffs turn to lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit funding is a cash advance against a pending claim with no upfront fees, monthly payments or credit checks. Because an applicant’s financial status is not considered in the approval process, employment and credit history do not matter. To qualify, you need to be represented by an experienced personal injury attorney, have a case with merit, and complete a lawsuit funding application. That’s it!

Once approval is determined, funds can be wired within 24-48 hours and available for immediate use. The money advanced can be used anyway the client wishes, but is usually for necessities such as the mortgage, rent, auto payments, medical bills and monthly household expenses. There is no need to worry about repayment until the case is settled. Because lawsuit funding is provided risk-free, you are only obligated to repay the advance if, and when, your case successfully settled. If the case does not favorably settle, you owe nothing.

Are you in need of financial assistance during your pending claim? Would an advance on your lawsuit help pay the bills? Put your finances back on track with a lawsuit cash advance.

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