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Public Safety Alert: Amby Baby Motion Beds Recalled After Two Infant Deaths

24,000 Amby Baby Motion Beds have been recalled by the manufacturer due to the risk of infant suffocation. The Hammock-like baby beds rock in various directions when the baby stirs; the rocking motion may cause a baby to turn over and suffocate in the fabric or padding. Two infants have died in the beds, one in Georgia and one in Oregon. According to safety advocates, bassinets or cribs with a firm bottom and without gaps, extra fabric or padding are the safest types. These minimize the risk that a baby would become trapped. Consumers are advised to immediately stop using these Amby Baby Motion Beds. The Amby website indicates that Amby will offer a free repair kit in January. Consumers may request these kits at the Amby website.

Lawsuit Financial, the pro-justice lawsuit funding company, strongly urges the public to discontinue use of this dangerous and defective product. As protectors of helpless infants, no parent should ever compromise safety or risk of injury when a danger is made known to the public.

Lawsuit Financial feels that it is also important to include the following additional warnings: 1. Carefully inspect all products for use by your infant children. Loose parts, parts that don’t seem to fit, overly fluffy or cushy products could be hazardous. 2. Do not buy or borrow previously owned cribs or other baby/infant sleep products; these may be dangerous and/or associated with a prior recall like the Amby recall in question here. For additional safety, concerned consumers can sign up to receive press releases and recalls from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at their website.