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Professional Volleyball Player Files Lawsuit against City and AVP

A professional volleyball player was competing in a tournament at the Huntington Beach pier in June 2010, when she dove for a ball and landed on a large piece of wood hidden in the sand. She suffered a severe leg injury that kept her from finishing the tournament and the season.

Last month, the woman filed a lawsuit against the city of Huntington Beach and the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. The suit alleges that the city and AVP did not dredge the courts along the playing surface to ensure there was no debris or foreign objects hidden below the sand that could cause injury to the players. The lawsuit was filed after a claim against the city for $10,000 was denied.

In determining a property owner’s “reasonableness,” the law concentrates on whether the owner makes regular and thorough efforts to keep the property safe and clean. Did the city and AVP take precautions to make the property safe for the players?

Typically, the kinds of damages that may be recovered are medical expenses, physical therapy, rehabilitation, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Unfortunately, these types of cases often take far too long to achieve a settlement; these cases are usually highly contested on both damages and liability.

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