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Product Liability Lawsuit Follow Up-Taser International Stock Plummets After Lawsuit Loss

This news is not about lawsuit funding, but it is an interested postscript to the series of posts regarding “stun guns” manufactured by Taser International and used by the San Jose, CA Police Department to subdue suspects. As reported here yesterday, Taser International was hit with a $6 Million verdict in Federal Court in San Jose arising from the death of a suspect who was Tasered approximately 30 times in an effort to subdue him. Apparently, that news shocked the shareholders of Taser International and the stock responded by falling 11.2%, closing at $6.13.

David can beat Goliath once in awhile; in addition, he can cause him long-term pain. It remains to be seen how future lawsuits against Taser will resolve, but the results of this one has “stunned” the stun giant.

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