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Product Liability Lawsuit Alleges Hernia Repair Complications Were Caused by Unsafe Physiomesh

A Florida woman has filed a product liability lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson and its Ethicon subsidiary alleging that she sustained injuries after being implanted with the Physiomesh during hernia repair surgery.

The woman underwent surgery for a hernia repair in 2010. The Physiomesh was laparoscopically implanted at that time. According to the lawsuit, the device failed, causing adverse health complications, which resulted in the need for the mesh to be surgically removed. In addition, the plaintiff said she required at least two invasive surgical procedures due to the hernia repair complications. The lawsuit further states that neither the plaintiff nor her doctor was adequately warned or informed by the defendants of the defective and dangerous nature of Physiomesh or the risks associated with the product. The complaint contends that the hernia mesh poses an unreasonable risk of severe adverse reactions among patients, including chronic pain, infection, migration, deformation of the mesh, adhesions to internal organs, erosion and other complications.

This case joins a growing number of hernia mesh lawsuits over similar allegations. The Physiomesh was approved by the FDA in March 2010, and is one of the most popular hernia mesh patches on the market. However, it wasn’t long after that the mesh was linked to reports of complications following hernia repair, often leading to risky and painful surgical procedures to remove the device. After failing to identify what was causing the hernia repair problem, the manufacturer removed the product from the market in May 2016.

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