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Prisons Can Cause and be Held Accountable for Wrongful Death

Correctional facilities are generally places for holding prisoners. In some cases however, the unexpected happens and an inmate winds up dead. In this Philadelphia case, a 17-year old boy by the name of Manny Leach was killed at the Youth Facility where he was being held. The administratrix of his estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit to hold the facility accountable, as this was the second death of a similar nature. The family recently received justice in the form of a multi-million dollar settlement.

Manny’s death was preventable. More to the point, it was predictable, given the fact it had happened before are the same youth detention center and had involved the same person. During settlement discussions, it was discovered that Manny was choked by an employee. The staff nurse found Manny without a pulse and not breathing when she was called to attend to him.

Ultimately, the youth detention facility paid out $10.5 million as a settlement rather than going to court. The family must consider this to be a fair resolution given the nature of the case; I am sure that they are pleased with the result and relieved that the litigation ordeal is over. Their attorneys, Thomas R. Kline, David K. Inscho and Mark Alan Hoffman of Kline & Specter, in Pennsylvania, deserve praise for a fine job.

Families like Manny Leach’s often find that wrongful death and litigation resulting from it, may create financial issues. Aside from trying to recover from a painful loss, extraordinary bills and expenses relating to death create added financial pressure. Coupled with every day expenses, sometimes these financial issues will cause a victim’s family to consider settling their valuable case too soon, for inadequate compensation. Pursuing a case like this one all the way to court and a verdict is often too much of an emotional and financial strain; such cases can take years to resolve, even when resolved by reasonable settlement, as was the case here. With this settlement, the Many Leach litigation took almost 3 years.

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