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Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding: An Essential Asset While Waiting for a Product Liability Settlement

We all expect the products we buy to work as intended, but sometimes a flaw in the design or an unintended side effect can result in a faulty, defective product, and innocent people get hurt. When that happens, injured victims can file a product liability lawsuit to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and for pain and suffering. However, these types of personal injury lawsuits are complicated; insurance companies don’t want to pay out on claims. They will drag out the litigation process knowing that most plaintiffs will be faced with mounting medical bills on top of ordinary living expenses. Insurance companies know that cash-strapped plaintiffs will often settle for less than full case value. Lawsuit Financial is here to tell you there is another option.

If you have filed a product liability lawsuit and have attorney representation, you are eligible for pre-settlement lawsuit funding. Lawsuit funding is a cash advance against your pending claim to help you pay bills, purchase a car, put a down payment on a new home or for anything else that you may need; there is no restriction on how you use your money. This removes the financial pressures while allowing your attorney time to achieve full case value.

The application process is quick and easy because we require no upfront fees, no credit checks, no employment verifications and no collateral. All we require is attorney representation and a case with merit. Best of all, our funding is provided risk-free. We are repaid only when the case settles, at which time we are paid back through the case proceeds. If you lose your case, there is no obligation to pay us back. Most often, we can approve contracts and provide the cash advance needed within 24 – 48 hours.

When you are seriously injured, in a pending lawsuit, and have nowhere to turn for financial assistance, you can rely on Lawsuit Financial. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.