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Pradaxa Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The daughter of a Tennessee woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging that her mother died from gastrointestinal bleeding caused by the blood thinner, Pradaxa, an anticoagulant, claimed to be a superior alternative to Coumadin for prevention of strokes among individuals with atrial fibrillations.

As of November 2011, there were 260 confirmed Pradaxa deaths, with 120 of those deaths reported in the U.S. This suit is believed to be the first lawsuit filed against Pradaxa in the U.S. According to the lawsuit, the woman began taking Pradaxa in January 2011. She was hospitalized with gastrointestinal bleeding two months later; within three months of taking Predaxa she died. The lawsuit, which is one of nearly one hundred deaths in question due to patients hemorrhaging and bleeding after taking Pradaxa, claims that the drug maker failed to adequately warn doctors and their patients about the risks of gastrointestinal bleed, and failed to instruct doctors on how to handle bleed events.

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