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Porn Watching Truck Driver Causes Fatal Accident

If you read my blogs on a regular basis, you know that I continuously remind readers about the dangers of distracted driving. Usually, these distractions happen in the form of cell phone use or texting while driving. Recently I read an article that tops all of the distracted driving cases I have read and reported about. In this recent case, a truck driver caused a fatal accident due to being distracted while watching pornography on his laptop computer screen.

Julie Stratton, 33 of Snyder, New York was traveling on Interstate 90 when she hit a deer, disabling her car. Ms. Stratton called 9-1-1, but help did not arrive before a tractor trailer driven by Thomas Wallace, 45 of Brook Park, Ohio slammed into her car. How could several vehicles avoid hitting her vehicle, yet Mr. Wallace could not? The answer – Mr. Wallace was distracted by pornography he was watching on his laptop. Later, when he admitted to watching the porn, he also admitted that he kept fictitious log books and had actually been on duty for twenty-seven hours straight and driving on only four hours of sleep. This is in violation of the transportation law. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, long distance drivers may not exceed 11 hours of driving per day, and work no more than 14 total hours. Between working periods, a driver must have at least 10 hours off duty. Drivers are also required to document their time in logbooks.

There are far more possible distractions than anyone could ever imagine. How many more accidents must happen before people get the message? Let’s face it ─ if you are the fatality, it is too late to “get the message.” Because of Mr. Wallace’s negligent actions, there are two little boys, Sam and Ben who will grow up without their mother. It is time we all think twice before driving while distracted.

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