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Police Settle Police Dog Bite Case

The victim in this story was a criminal; he had been arrested for being drunk in public. I am sure that most right-thinking people would agree that being a public drunk does not justify being bitten so badly that you must be airlifted to a hospital for treatment of your injuries.

Apparently, the police dog that lunged at the 24 year old victim had a history of attacking people without warning. When the man had recovered enough to leave the hospital, he filed a dog bite lawsuit to recover his medical expenses and for the pain and suffering of the injuries he sustained.

His personal injury lawsuit indicated that the police were negligent in not keeping the dog under control, particularly since he was known to attack without provocation and not on command.
The court agreed with the allegations in the lawsuit; the man was awarded $88,000 for his injuries.

People, like this man, waiting for their cases to be heard, often face financial difficulties, trying to pay their regular bills and expenses as well as the significant medical, hospital, therapy and prescription expenses related to their injuries. Disability and lost wages make things even more difficult for an injured plaintiff.

People like this man often apply for and are eligible for a lawsuit cash advance. Sometimes called “lawsuit funding”, this is money that may be applied for in circumstances like this and used to pay for expenses while a person waits for their case to be handled. Rather than having to take a low settlement because a litigant needs cash now, he/she may get litigation funding which provides precious time to await a fair settlement or verdict.

Those who apply for a lawsuit cash advance are often approved. If approved, funds will be received by the plaintiff in 24-48 hours. We recommend using these funds to pay serious and immediate expenses; mortgage, rent or car payments are examples. Traditionally, people have utilized our legal finance service to pay off their immediate expenses and then use the funds to keep current with their bills while they are healing and waiting for justice.

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