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Police Officer Injured in Encounter With Wrong Way Driver

A woman, traveling the wrong way on a one way street, realized her error. She suddenly bolted across the road, apparently, in an attempt to fashion a U-Turn, and ran into, of all people, a police officer. Talk about bad timing!

The impact actually shoved the cruiser into an apartment building, causing some $2,000 in damage. The wrong way driver was not injured; her car was not so lucky. The police officer sustained burn injuries from the air bag deployment; he headed to hospital to have his injuries checked.

Clearly, the “wrong way lady” was negligent; it seems that the officer suffered only minor injuries. If you or someone you love is seriously injured by a negligent driver, the victim is entitled to pursue the negligent driver in court. In most states, medical expenses, wage loss, property damage, pain, suffering, disfigurement and mental anguish may all be recovered in the potential lawsuit. Most personal injury lawsuits involve serious injuries or disability.

When a seriously injured person retains an attorney to pursue litigation, the attorney will, most likely, inform the client that the court system is a crowded system; there are a significant number of lawsuits filed and only a handful of judges to handle them. I was in court the other day, and the judge told me that she was managing a docket of 2000 cases! Thus, your attorney will, most likely, tell you that your case will take awhile to resolve. If, for example, our police officer was seriously injured and was unable to return to his job as a police officer, how does he support his family while waiting months, even years, for his case to settle?

The answer is that he can obtain automobile accident lawsuit funding from an experienced provider of that valuable service. With the assistance and blessing of his attorney, legal finance services are available for eligible plaintiffs whose personal injury cases will take significant time to settle, either in, or out of the courts. A lawsuit cash advance is cash now, provided in advance of an expected settlement; its main purpose is to assist the plaintiff to pay important bills and expenses, stay current, and avoid allowing financial pressure to force you to settle your valuable case too soon for too little compensation.

It is easy to apply for what some call a ‘lawsuit loan’, you may apply for litigation funding online or by calling the lawsuit financing company, directly, usually toll free. There is no cost to apply, no hassle to get pre-settlement funding; there is no credit check, no job needed, and no monthly payments or upfront fees to pay. Upon approval, your money arrives within 24-48 hours and you do not have to repay a dime unless your case is resolved successfully. So, our important message is: don’t settle your valuable case for pennies on the dollar with a greedy insurance company; obtain lawsuit funding instead and wait out the long legal process for the compensation you deserve.

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