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Police Chase Ends in Fatal Head-on Crash

One person died and two were injured after their vehicle was struck by a tractor-trailer being pursued by police.

The fatal crash began when the out-of-state driver of a Freightliner was driving erratically and struck a vehicle. The uninjured driver of the vehicle tried to stop him, but the truck driver sped off. Moments later, an off-duty police officer spotted the trucker and attempted to pull him over. During the encounter, the officer fired a single shot, but the truck driver continued at a high rate of speed, striking several parked cars and moving vehicles. He then drove through a police barricade, leading police to fire more shots. About a half-mile away, the truck driver hit another vehicle, killing the driver and injuring two passengers. Police said more than a dozen vehicles were damaged during the chase. Multiple charges are pending against the truck driver, who was hospitalized for non-life threatening injuries. The fatal crash and the police response to the incident remain under investigation while a mourning family is left wondering why.

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