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Plumbing Error Results in Fire, Death and Verdict

Shortly after plumbing work was done, a homeowner thought she smelled smoke. She contacted the plumbing company and was advised that a plumber could not return to the home until the following day. The delay in returning proved fatal; the home went up in flames several hours after the call and the woman perished in the fire.

Her family filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging the the plumber and the company were guilty of negligence. Attorneys argued that the report of smoke odor required immediate attention. The defendant argued that the woman was told to call the company again if the problem persisted; instead, she fell asleep. The jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff.

While no amount of money will return this woman to her family, the reasonable award in this case will help the family with funeral expenses, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering. If the woman was a “bread winner” it will help pay for the loss of her wages, as well as providing a new or restored home for her survivors.

Tragedies like this one will often cause surviving family members to struggle, financially, to pay the bills associated with the death of a loved one. Wrongful Death lawsuits can take months, even year, to resolve. The best vehicle to use for a loan is the equity in the house; that was destroyed in the fire. Maybe this family tried a bank, maybe not. If they called the bank, they were likely turned down. So, what can they do about their mounting bills? With a solid lawsuit as collateral, they could have applied for a lawsuit cash advance; emergency lawsuit funding to keep afloat financially while awaiting a settlement. These legal finance cash advances relieve the financial pressure and prevent resolving the lawsuit too soon, for too little.

Once approved for pre-settlement funding can be available within 24-48 hours. The cost of a lawsuit cash advance is usually rather expensive; thus, it should be used to pay important bills and expenses. In this case, death related expenses, like funeral and burial expenses would be appropriate. In other situations, injury, disability and/or death often cause people to fall behind on mortgages, rent, car payments, tuition and other necessary expenses. The goal of legal funding is to allow a plaintiff is able to wait for a fair and equitable settlement or jury verdict.

The plaintiff pays no monthly fees; he/she is only obligated to repay the litigation funding cash advance if the lawsuit resolves successfully. The obligation is completely excused if the case is lost. So, why accept inadequate offers by greedy insurance companies who deliberately delay proceedings to make you desperate? Lawsuit funding provides the financial resources necessary to allow the plaintiff to wait out the long, legal process and receive appropriate and just compensation.

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