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Plan Ahead for Auto Safety

While driving to your destination, have you ever sounded like this?

“Move!” “Get out of the way!” “I’m going to be late!” “Stupid driver!” “Can’t you go faster?”

These are just a few statements that many of us shout out in our car (or to ourselves, if we are polite) as we rush to work, school, or special events. Far too often we are rushing from place to place, without focusing on staying safe on the roadways. In reality, we will often get to our destinations faster if we drive more safely; a car accident or serious injury will not get you where you want to go as quickly as you want to get there, will it? Remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare?

Here are highlights from an article on to avoid auto accidents:

1. Speed alone does not usually cause auto accidents. Speed together with road conditions, traffic volume, or speed without sufficient vehicle control causes accidents.

2. We often feel more in control of our vehicle than we really are. Never assume the other guy sees you. Don’t making assumptions. It is dangerous!

3. Practice self-reminders. Where are you? What are your surroundings? Commercial or residential? Might a child suddenly bolt into the street? Are you driving in a way that can handle the situation? Do you know how much an injury accident or worse, a fatality can cost you, financially (and even more so, emotionally)? Can you afford that?

4. Leave more space than necessary between you and the car in front of you. Drive only the speed limit. Double check mirrors before changing lanes.

5. It is not easy to imagine being seriously injured or killed in an auto accident, but if you continuously think about potential outcomes, you may find yourself driving more carefully.
Aside from these tips, what can you do in the event of an auto accident to determine who is at fault? Since, evidence is invaluable, a GPS system is worth its weight in gold. The data from these devices can prove your innocence. A GPS system can track how fast you were going and what direction you were traveling at the time accident occurred. The cost of a GPS system far outweighs the money you might spend to prove your innocence. No evidence is more accurate than a GPS device, so adding one to your vehicle is a smart idea. What better time than at the holiday and winter seasons?

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