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Plaintiffs Manage Finances with Lawsuit Funding

Most visitors to this website know that a “personal injury” is a life-changing moment when you are seriously injured as the result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. Injuries can result in time out of work and medical bills can put an extra strain on already reduced finances. Many plaintiffs find it difficult to pay even the basic, everyday living expenses. Although it may take a long time for a lawsuit to wind its way through the courts, it doesn’t have to be a financially bumpy road.

Lawsuit Financial can provide some financial relief with a lawsuit cash advance, money advanced in anticipation of a potential settlement or verdict. It is specifically designed to help plaintiffs level the playing field with deep-pocket defendants and take control of their case. With a lawsuit cash advance in the bank, the victim can pay the mortgage, medical expenses, and take care of financial commitments without settling for less than full case value.

Lawsuit funding is provided based on the merits of the case, through information provided by the plaintiff’s attorney. Whether good credit or bad, whether or not the plaintiff has a job or not, it doesn’t matter. Funding is determine on case strength alone. Best of all, payback is contingent upon the outcome of the case. If our funded client wins, we are paid back principal and profit; if the case is lost, repayment is completely waived.

Have you been injured due to the negligence of someone else, retained an attorney, and struggling to make ends meet? Don’t fall prey to an insurance company that entices you to accept a less-than-fair settlements. Click here to apply for lawsuit funding or call our office toll-free at 1-877-377-7848. One of our experienced funding specialists would be happy to discuss your litigation financing options.