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Plaintiffs Can Get A Portion of Their Settlement Before Case Resolution With No Risks Attached

Many people wait months, even years before reaching a fair settlement offer in their personal injury claim, yet they need money to withstand the litigation process. Living through a lawsuit should never be as devastating as the problem that caused it, but seeking help from family or friends or applying for a bank loan is not always a viable option. What happens if you fail to repay the money? How does that impact your relationship with family or friends? If you took out a bank loan, you must pay it back, with monthly payments. The bank can come after you if you default, even after they’ve taken collateral. The lender can also bring legal action against you, garnish your wages, levy bank accounts, and use other methods to collect the amount you owe. That is difficult for any borrower, but devastating for those in a personal injury lawsuit. A risk-free option is lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit funding allows plaintiffs to pursue their litigation on a level playing field by providing the tool – a non-recourse cash advance – to resist delay tactics by the defendant (usually an insurance company). When a plaintiff can overcome a defendant’s financial advantage, they are in a position to wait for a fair and equitable settlement. The main advantage of lawsuit funding is that there is no credit check, employment verification, or collateral required; funding is awarded solely on case strength. Additionally, repayment is only made when the case successfully settles; it cost the plaintiff nothing if the case is lost.

Two key qualifying requirements to apply for funding are a pending personal injury case and attorney representation. The next step is to complete our easy, one-page application. We will contact the plaintiff’s attorney for documentation to determine if the case has merit. Upon approval, funds can be deposited directly into the plaintiff’s bank account or sent via overnight mail within 24- 48 hours. At that point, the money can be used anyway the plaintiff wishes, but is typically used to pay medical expenses, mortgage payments, auto payments, daily living expenses, or any other expenses. Remember, the plaintiff owes absolutely nothing until a favorable settlement is reached; if the plaintiff loses the repayment is completely waived.

Providing a lawsuit cash advance is just the beginning with Lawsuit Financial. Through our Client Resource Center (CRC) we also help plaintiffs find financing and budgeting options to improve their financial security not only during the pending claim, but beyond. Our assistance in placing clients with the right people in the right program is offered absolutely free. Call us toll-free at 1- 877-377-7848 and see how we may be able to help you.

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