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Plaintiff Gets Jury Verdict in Rollover Accident

This is a case of admitted fault, but significant differences of opinion about the scope and seriousness of the injuries suffered. The difference were so significant that the case went to trial. The jury found for the plaintiff, agreeing with their assertion that the two herniated discs sustained in a rollover were serious enough to merit a $100,000 award.

In the automobile accident that resulted in the lawsuit, the plaintiff’s car was slammed into a cement barrier by another vehicle, and was hit once again by that same vehicle, causing it to roll over. The plaintiff is lucky to be alive.

The plaintiff suffered serious back injuries, diagnosed as herniated discs. These conditions affected the plaintiff’s income and ability to pay his bills. When a lawsuit gets heated, when it is hotly contested, as this one was, how does an injured and disabled plaintiff support himself? The answer, of course, is lawsuit funding.

A lawsuit cash advance is a form of emergency funds, paid to cash strapped plaintiffs who have no other way to deal with their ongoing regular bills and expenses and those extraordinary expenses related to the accident. Funding is not based on creditworthiness or job history; litigation funding is based solely on the strength and weaknesses of the case. If the case has a decent chance of success, legal finance should be approved. The amount of any potential legal funding depends upon the estimated value of the case.

If pre-settlement funding is approved, after the lawsuit financing company has reviewed case details, the plaintiff may expect funds to arrive within hours after the paperwork has been signed. It is a very simple process. Use the money wisely; it is expensive, because is the case fails, the funds are free. That is why Lawsuit Financial recommends that lawsuit funding only be used for important bills and expenses like medical bills, mortgage and car payments, rent, utilities or tuition. Legal funding removes the financial pressure to settle your valuable case too soon for too little and allows you to wait for an appropriate settlement or verdict. Follow your experienced personal injury lawyer’s professional advice as to whether an offer is right for you. For free phone advice or to apply for a lawsuit cash advance, call 1-877-377-SUIT. The call is free; the advice is priceless.