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Peeling Rubber=Wrongful Death

This is a case with a many different suits and settlements; ultimately, every single injury victim and family member of deceased victims filed wrongful death lawsuits as the result of this single vehicle rollover accident.

The year was 2005 and Evan Parker, a University instructor, was on a field trip with 10 of his students. He was driving a 1994 Dodge Ram 3500 Wagon. On the way back to campus, the van blew a tire; it rolled over four times as it flipped down an embankment. Six people were dead on impact, three others died at the hospital. Two survivors and the families of the eight deceased students filed a product liability lawsuit in 2006 against the tire manufacturer, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., and Daimler Chrysler Corporation (Dodge Ram manufacturer). The suits alleged that the tire was defective; the tread peeled off with no warning which resulted in the vehicle losing control and crashing.

The suit further indicated that the tire-maker knew that the design and final production of this tire brand was faulty, but did nothing to fix the problems. The initial suits were settled out of court with Daimler Chrysler in 2008; Cooper Tire refused to participate and continues to deny liability.

The latest suit to be filed relating to the original accident, is a case filed recently by the wife and children of Evan Parker, the instructor. This product liability, wrongful death lawsuit will be joined with the 2006 suit; it is slated for trial in 2011. The journey to reach this point in the litigation process has been a long one; everyone involved has faced numerous obstacles to recover from the sheer horror of the accident and the injuries they suffered, or to cope with the death of a loved one.

Over the past five years and into the future, these plaintiffs will continue their legal battle. That battle will include a struggle to pay bills and expenses while waiting for settlement or a damage award from a jury. This isn’t easy for any of the survivors and making ends meet is difficult. Mrs. Parker and the other survivor’s may be well served by considering a “lawsuit loan”.

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