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Pedestrian-Bicycle Accidents on the Rise as Biker Laws are Ignored

A woman suffered a fractured skull after a biker hit her on the Queensboro Bridge. Another New Yorker was knocked unconscious after being hit from behind by a cyclist. She broke her skull, collar bone, and three ribs, causing a hematoma that made her bleed out her ears.

Central Park is a “hot spot” for pedestrian-bicycle accidents. Unfortunately, police are rarely seen enforcing cyclist laws in the park. Park-goers on foot say they are in danger every time they visit the park. There has been a growing outcry among pedestrians over bicyclists who ignore stop signs, stop lights and other traffic laws.

A recent study found that at least 500 New Yorkers are treated in hospitals annually after being hit by bicyclists. Last year, two women were nearly killed in collisions with bicyclists in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park – leaving one in a coma for days and the other with severe brain damage. Can these victims seek compensation for damages? Absolutely! They may also be able to apply, and receive, lawsuit funding to avoid financial ruin.

Anyone involved in a pedestrian – bicycle accident is vulnerable to sustaining serious injuries because the body absorbs the impact directly. If you have been injured as a result of a bicycle-pedestrian accident, you may be able to obtain financial compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages stemming from being unable to work, and pain and suffering.

To bring a claim, the pedestrian must prove negligence on the part of the bicycle. Once the litigation process has begun, if the innocent victim needs cash to sustain the lawsuit, Lawsuit Financial may be able to help. We offer a non-recourse lawsuit cash advance against a pending claim so you can avoid debt and withstand the lengthy legal process. If you don’t have an attorney, we can provide you with an experienced attorney in your area who specializes in the same type of case. Litigation funding is not like a traditional bank loan; we do not require a deposit, monthly payments, a credit check, or employment verification. Call us for a free consultation of visit us online to apply.