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Pedestrian Waiting for the Bus Dies After Coca-Cola Truck Driver Loses Control

On Monday, a 37-year-old woman was waiting at the bus stop on her way to work. She was talking to her husband on the phone when he heard her say, “Oh s…..!” Those words were the last thing he heard. The man thought someone had snatched her phone, but it was much worse. She was struck and killed by a Coca-Cola truck.

The truck driver lost control before slamming into scaffolding outside a Bronx apartment, killing the mother of five and injuring six other people. Although witnesses have given varying accounts of what happened, a preliminary investigation shows that a 52-year-old woman driving a 2013 Nissan S.U.V. crossed two lanes and cut in front of the truck to make a right turn. The truck driver lost control after hitting the vehicle. The truck then jumped a curb, striking three pedestrians waiting at a bus stop before crashing into the scaffolding. The woman was trapped beneath the truck and was pronounced dead at the scene. The truck driver and five other people suffered minor injuries and were taken to local hospitals, according to the fire department. The investigation is ongoing.

In an instant one woman lost her life, the life of her family shattered. Residents said that the road has been dangerous for a long time and better traffic control is needed. One resident went on to say that the traffic lights frequently malfunction or stop working completely, and police often have to direct traffic. The road may be considered dangerous, but it is highly possible that as more information comes to light, it will become evident that some form of carelessness directly contributed to this crash.

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