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Pay your Medical Bills before Receiving Your Settlement Offer

Anyone seriously injured in an auto accident due to the negligence of someone else, knows the emotional, physical, and financial consequences. You may be unable to work in the short-term or indefinitely due to injuries sustained. The medical expenses may be reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars and the mortgage is past due. Your settlement is pending in court, but the creditors don’t care.

Lawsuit Financial does not believe plaintiffs should take on more debt during what is already a difficult time. We also don’t believe that you should accept a low settlement offer. That is why we help plaintiffs take care of those mounting bills with a lawsuit cash advance known as lawsuit funding.

With lawsuit funding, you can immediately receive a portion of your projected settlement in advance; the cash advance is provided solely on the merit of your case. Once approved, the money is wired into your account and can be used immediately to cover the medical expenses, car payments, monthly household bills, or anything you wish. It is an excellent way to prevent foreclosure, repossession, and bankruptcy. It helps protect your credit rating, too.

Do not have to accept a less-than-favorable settlement offer due to financial pressures. Call our office to learn more information about lawsuit funding and how we may be able to give your attorney more time to pursue your case in order to get the maximum settlement you deserve.