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Paralyzed Motorcylist Nets Huge Verdict: Lawsuit Financial Can Assist Injured Motorcyclists

Recently, I posted a blog on motorcycle accident statistics and lawsuit funding. I indicated that roughly 5% of all motorcycle accidents result in death; most result in serious injury to the rider.

Last week, a Lee County, Florida jury awarded $44.9 million to Gerald Aloia, of Cape Coral, FL, who was paralyzed in a 2006 accident. The verdict was one of the largest in Lee County history. Aloia was riding his motorcycle in Cape Coral, Florida, and was struck by a Corvette.

As previously reported, motorcycle accidents often lead to catastrophic injuries and/or death. Insurance companies do not easily resolve serious injury cases; they contest them, require lawsuits before considering payment, try to resolve cases for inadequate sums, and delay claims, case or lawsuit resolution for as long as possible. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in an automobile or motorcycle accident, lawsuit funding from Lawsuit Financial can provide financial assistance to you and your family while you wait for your attorney to obtain fair compensation. We fund only against the merits of your case; whether you have good or bad credit does not matter to our legal finance specialists. If you lose the case, repayment is excused. You only pay if you win your case. We can provide money for mortgage or rent payments, car payments, household needs, groceries, medical expenses or utilities. In other words, we will provide legal funding for any important need. Call Lawsuit Financial at 877-377-SUIT (7848) right now, or visit us on the web at The call is free; the advice is priceless.

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