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Paralyzed as the Result of an Accident? Know Your Rights

If you have been paralyzed as the result of an accident, you may have one of two kinds of paralysis. Paraplegia results in no leg movement and very limited movement in one’s lower torso. This is usually caused by a spinal cord injury, an injury that interferes with the signals that go from the brain to the lower body parts. Someone who has paraplegia can’t feel their affected body parts and usually can’t feel pain or heat.

Not being able to sense things is difficult enough for the accident victim, but, paraplegia may also affect their future health and safety. In addition to the inability to feel heat and pain, the victim may also experience an odd shot of phantom pain due to damaged nerves; this is much like one who loses a limb but still feels phantom pain in that limb. The inability to feel pain and heat can be dangerous in and of itself, as a person can be scalded or injured and not be aware that additional injury is occurring.

Along with not being able to walk, paralysis affects other functions of daily life; digestive functions, bladder and bowel control, sexual drive or performance are all effected by paralysis. Thus, paraplegia has a dramatic effect on the victim’s ability to lead a normal life. Some paraplegics are able to cope on their own; some require constant care to manage their daily lives.

Paralysis may be the result of injury; it may be caused by an accident or a disease. The vertebrae protecting the spinal cord is crushed or bruised in a way that seriously and permanently damages the nerves. In an accident, a severe impact is required, usually in the form of an automobile accident, a construction accident, a fall, or as the result of sports activities. If you have been diagnosed with paraplegia as a result of an accident that was not your fault, it is imperative that you speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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