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Paralized Hit & Run Victim Finally Gets Justice

This was a “different” case; the defendant insisted that his vehicle had only “brushed” the victim. Photos showed otherwise and the litigation battle was on.

The victim, 49-years old at the time of the accident, was crossing at a pedestrian intersection in Brooklyn; he was hit by a pickup truck driven by the defendant. He could have stopped and rendered aid; he didn’t. A concerned motorist blocked his path of travel to keep him form leaving the scene. The victim suffered impaired cognition and paralysis on one side of his body from the impact.

At trial, the credibility damaged defendant argued that the accident was minor, that he merely “brushed” the plaintiff with the side of his truck. Plaintiff’s attorney was ready for the argument; he showed the jury photographs of the heavy damage to the truck’s windshield and front end. In this case, pictures speak 40.8 Million words; the jury did not find the defendant a credible witness and awarded plaintiff $40.8 Million in damages.

It is unknown how much of the verdict was collected in this case. The amount is dependent upon the insurance policy limits carried by the defendant, and whether (or how much) he was collectible beyond these insurance limits. In any event, a serious injury like this one would have immediate financial impact on a plaintiff, with a verdict or settlement years away. How does a person in this circumstance survive until the outcome of the litigation is determined?

The answer is that the victim could have applied for and been approved for lawsuit funding, or, more likely, in this instance, a series of necessities of life lawsuit cash advances. This type of lawsuit financing is based only on potential case quality and value, and, if approved, will help him pay his bills until his case is settled out of court or a jury verdict is rendered and compensation collected. It’s a long time to wait when you can’t work; the pressure of mounting, unpaid bills are staring you in the face and causing pressure to resolve your case too early for too little compensation.

Strategic litigation funding is provided to help victims pay all of their ongoing, necessary expenses, to remove the pressure to settle early and cheap, and to increase the compensation results for the victim and for the attorney. The application process is simple; apply online or by dialing a toll-free number. There is no cost to apply, no up-front fees to pay, no credit check, no job requirement, no hassle. All that is necessary is that you have personal injury litigation pending with an experience personal injury lawyer on retainer. Once your application has been filled out and approved, your fast cash “lawsuit loan” will arrive within 24-48 hours. Take care of your important bills and expenses; deal with your debts and obligations; reject any and all low ball offers made by an insurance company who preys upon your desperation; listen to your attorney; and receive all of the justice and compensation that you have coming. A serious injury has altered your life; to insurance companies, personal injury litigation is strictly business. How little dollars can they pay you? That is their focus. You have only one chance at this; strategically placed legal finance can, absolutely and substantially, improve the bottom line of your case.