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One Year Later Physical and Emotional Scars Remain; Financial Ones Don’t have to with Litigation Funding

Imagine getting immediate financial relief for your wrongful death lawsuit instead of years from now. With litigation funding, this financial assistance is possible.

The parents of a woman killed in a gas explosion have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Missouri Gas Energy, Time Warner Cable Midwest, USIC Locating Services Inc., Southern Union Co., Heartland Midwest LLC and an employee of Heartland. The accident happened when a gas line was severed during a drilling project outside the restaurant where the woman worked. Fumes from that leak filled the building and were ignited, possibly by a pilot light, according to a Kansas City Fire Department investigation. A little more than an hour passed between the time the leak was reported and when the restaurant erupted in flames. The massive blaze engulfed the entire block, but the restaurant exploded in a ball of fire. Fifteen other employees who were working at the time suffered burns, broken bones, and other injuries; some have also filed a lawsuit. A few still struggle to cope with the physical and emotional scars.

Some employees of the underground drilling company that accidentally poked a hole in the gas line that afternoon also suffered serious injuries and have filed lawsuits. Despite 20 surgical procedures, including skin grafts, to repair the burns that covered one-fifth of his body, one employee still has little use of one arm and goes to work only occasionally, according to his lawyer. A co-worker suffered a traumatic brain injury and has not been able to work since.

The scope and complexity of this tragic event called for a comprehensive and detailed investigation including whether Missouri Gas Energy was in compliance with safety standards. One year later, the final reports were completed and local, state and federal investigations point to several avoidable mistakes that were made on a number of fronts. While the findings may prevent such tragedy from happening again, this is still far from the end for the innocent victims of that tragic day. The first of the trials is set to beginning in summer 2015, but it could be years before all claims are settled.

For many victims, waiting for fair compensation may not be a viable option, especially those that are unable to return to work. Any financial issues can largely be eliminated with litigation funding. All that is needed to qualify is representation by an experienced attorney and a case with merit; funding is not contingent on collateral, good credit, or employment. Best of all, repayment is made once the case settles. If the funded client loses, there is no repayment obligation.

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