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One killed, Two Injured in Separate Accidents Involving ATVs and Golf Cart

A 19-year-old teen was driving an ATV when the vehicle upset, resulting in extensive internal injuries and ultimately her death.

A 15-year-old is in a medical-induced coma after she was thrown from an electric golf cart in which she was a passenger. A witness said that the driver of the golf cart swerved to avoid hitting a small animal, and the sharpness of the swerve threw the girl out of the cart. Family reported her head struck the stone pavement. Doctors are unsure of her prognosis at this time.

An 18-year-old was injured after losing control and crashing her ATV into a tree. She is listed in fair condition.

“People take recreation vehicles for granted,” said Corp. Lavrich. “They are fun, but they are registered motor vehicles for a reason. They can sustain speeds that can severely injure or kill you if you aren’t careful. Even a slow roll-over can lead to serious or fatal injuries. An ATV’s handling characteristics are different from a car or an SUV. Experience helps a lot, but training helps a lot more. People who use them need to know how to handle them.”

None of these teen were wearing a helmet or any safety equipment at the time of the accidents. According to Lavrich, all three girls would have walked away from the accidents, had it not been for the lack of headgear. ATVs and golf carts are not toys; operating and riding these vehicles is dangerous and risky. Wearing a helmet, paying attention, and operating these vehicles in a responsible manner reduce the risk of serious and fatal injuries, especially head injuries.

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