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One Killed, Another Injured As Dumpster Falls From Tractor-Trailer

This was an unusual automobile accident in that a dumpster fell off the back of a tractor-trailer, hitting two other vehicles as it smashed to the pavement. The impact of the dumpster to one car was so severe, that the female occupant died just after she got to the hospital. The driver of the second vehicle hit was lucky; he was treated and released.

The obvious question in this case is: How does a dumpster fall off the back of the tractor-trailer? The police intend to find out and take matters from there. It’s quite likely that the family of the woman killed by the flying dumpster will want to talk to a personal injury attorney about this case. The trucker’s load may not have been properly secured, which may have caused the dumpster to come off the back of the truck.

The family must be in shock and grieving over the loss of their loved one; they will be wondering how they will pay for the bills incurred for medical services rendered prior to death and for funeral and burial expenses. They may have lost the family breadwinner in addition to a wife, mother, grandmother, best friend, sister, aunt or cousin. Nothing can replace a loved one.

If a wrongful death lawsuit is pursued, the woman’s family may be interested to know that they may be eligible for a service commonly known as lawsuit funding. To determine their eligibility, all they have to do is call or visit a legal finance company online. There is no cost to apply; there are no monthly payments and no up-front charges. If the client is eligible, the lawsuit cash advance arrives within 24-48 hours by check or wire. It may be used for just about anything, but most people use it to pay for necessary bills to keep them afloat until a fair and equitable settlement or verdict comes in.

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