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On the Right Track with Lawsuit Funding

Waiting for a settlement can mean difficult times for you and your family, physically, emotionally, and financially. If your injuries have left you unable to work, the wait could mean that you won’t even have enough money to put food on the table. After all, it is not as though the bills stop coming simply because you have been injured. When the financial needs must be met immediately, plaintiffs opt to settle their case for less than they deserve; few are aware that there is a solution known as litigation funding!

Lawsuit Financial can provide the cash you need while your case works its way through the court system. We can give you a cash advance to pay the mortgage, medical expenses, car payments, utility bills, and other household expenses. Our cash advances require no upfront fees, no monthly payments, nor credit checks, and no employment verification.

Here’s how it works:

• Complete a simple, one-page application.
• A representative will contact your attorney for case documentation.
• An underwriter will determine funding potential and amount.
• If approved, a contract is prepared.
• You and your attorney sign the funding contract.
• A check is sent overnight or wired into your account.
• Use the money any way you wish, worry free.

Repayment is due once you successfully settle your case. If you never receive a settlement, there is no repayment obligation; we take all the risk.

If you are in a pending lawsuit and find yourself in need of fast cash, contact Lawsuit Financial to help you get back on the right financial track.