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Oklahoma Tort Reform Deal: A Bad Deal for the Injured or Disabled

It looks like another round of “tort reform” is about to be passed, this time, in Oklahoma. News wires report that Republican legislative leaders describe this “as a historic agreement that will help block frivolous lawsuits”. I, and most quality attorneys, support reductions in “frivolous lawsuits”. What disgusts me and most of my colleagues, is that “tort reform” is a big lie; it is almost never about “frivolous lawsuits”! It is, in the Oklahoma example and, in almost every other example I have seen, always about capping serious lawsuits.

Here is a question for you: Why would a “frivolous lawsuit”, which by definition, is not serious and not worth much money (because, after all, it is ‘frivolous’), need a cap, at all? Pro-business legislators, insurance companies and chambers of commerce use buzz words like ‘tort reform’, ‘frivolous’, and ‘lawsuit abuse” to cover-up their real agenda which is: To enrich big business and big insurance on the backs of the one of the weakest segments of our society: the seriously injured and/or disabled. The only people standing in the way of this assault on civil justice in America are a few sensible legislators who know a wolf in sheep’s clothing when they see one, you, the citizens, who can vote any bum who supports (or votes for) this type of anti-consumer legislation out of office, and the trial lawyers who work their individual and collective asses off to help achieve justice against a tidal wave of anti-trial lawyer rhetoric and hatred spun by the pro-insurance media machine.

Oklahoma citizens: Contact your state senator, state representative, and the governor and tell them that there is no need for another type of corporate bailout. Tell them that injured and disabled citizens need a bailout from this type of deceitful legislation. This law proposes to cap non-economic damages, also known as pain and suffering, at $400,000. I ask you: what “frivolous” case could possibly be worth that kind of money?! This is not about stopping the frivolous; it is about capping the serious. Don’t let these people make a mockery of justice in Oklahoma.

For more information about how you can protect your rights, contact your state trial lawyers association, the Oklahoma Association for Justice, the national trial lawyers association, the American Association for Justice, or Lawsuit Financial, toll free, at 877-377-SUIT.