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Oil Rig Worker Seriously Injured By Unsecured Machinery: Jobsite Safety Prevents Multi-Million Dollar Recoveries

This incident occurred in Texas; a flow back hand, under contract to an oil and gas drilling company, was hit by a piece of machinery that should have been secured by the company. The result was fractures to his right arm and leg that both required numerous surgeries; unfortunately, despite the surgeries, his injuries were so severe, he is unable to ever return to work. His case has been resolved for $2.66 Million.

While his case wound its way through the long and complicated legal process, this unfortunate, seriously injured victim may have taken advantage of a service known as lawsuit funding. This is money that is advanced to a lawsuit plaintiff to help him/her out, financially, while waiting for the lawsuit to settle. The money is available almost immediately, in 24-48 hours, and may be used for any important bill or expense, from medical bills to mortgage payments, from groceries to tuition.

As in this case, serious injury creates disability; disability creates income loss, income loss creates desperation; desperation will cause a plaintiff to settle a valuable case too early for too little compensation. If a disabled plaintiff does that, how long will the money last. Pre-settlement funding allows the plaintiff the luxury of keeping the bills and expenses paid while waiting out the legal process and giving his/her attorney time needed to obtain maximum results.

When applying for a lawsuit cash advance, there should be no application fees, no upfront fees, and no monthly payments; this is important to note, because if you are dealing with a litigation funding company that tacks on extra fees to your ‘lawsuit loan’, find another company.

With the medical bills, mortgage, car payment, rent, and other daily expenses covered, this valuable legal finance service has provided the plaintiff has the peace of mind to wait for a decent and fair settlement without having to take an inadequate offer from an insurance company.

And, what of the contract employer in this case? Had it created a safer work environment; had it inspected its equipment and facilities properly, this incident could have been prevented. There is no lawsuit abuse in America; that is a term invented by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and corporate interest lobbyists to reduce ordinary citizens’ access to the courts. There is safety abuse, and if tort reform zealots really wish to reduce the number of lawsuits, why don’t they work on improving safety rather than the deprivation of justice. Corporate America: Stop wasting your money on lobbyists to reform our legal system; that system works just fine. Spend it instead safety measures, on keeping your workplace and your workers safe, and injury free. Spending on safety will help reduce the number of lawsuits.

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