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Off Duty Police Officer Shoots 8 Year Old-Police Misconduct Lawsuit Filed

The family of an eight year old boy who was shot by an off duty police officer, has filed a police misconduct lawsuit in federal court in San Diego, CA. The lawsuit was filed against off-duty San Diego police officer Frank White, the city of San Diego, the San Diego Police Department and its police chief. It seeks damages “in an amount sufficient to punish and to make an example” and seeks changes in department policies, such as regulating off-duty officers’ ability to carry firearms and implementing psychological testing for officers with blemished records.

The shooting was, apparently, the culmination of a road rage incident in Oceanside, CA. Oceanside police say that the child’s mother has a .15 blood-alcohol level at the time of the incident and followed White into a Lowe’s parking lot in Oceanside and sideswiped his car after he displayed a firearm. The City of San Diego is taking the position that the incident was the mother’s fault. “It’s really hard to understand why the taxpayers of San Diego would be required to be financially responsible for what happened”, said the San Diego City Attorney. No charges have been filed against Ms. Silva.

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