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New Trial Sought in $36.5 Million Lawsuit Settlement

In the battle for money damages in personal injury lawsuits, insurance companies have significant economic advantages over injured plaintiffs and often use this advantage to its benefit. First, insurance companies will delay, deny, and defend. Then, if a jury awards in favor of the plaintiff, the insurance company may appeal. Often times, these settlement avoidance tactics can result in a financially strapped plaintiff. Enter a litigation funding expert who can provide strategic cash advances to assist plaintiffs until a settlement is reached and compensation is received.

Such legal finance services may have helped an Indian couple who sustained serious injuries while vacationing in the U.S. In 2010, a big rig slammed into the vehicle in which they were passengers. The lawsuit alleged that when the trucker driver hit the vehicle when trying to improperly pass, causing the vehicle to spin out of control and hit the median and another vehicle. The Indian woman is wheelchair bound the rest of her life.

It took two years to obtain an award in this case; the lawsuit recently settled for $36.5 million, but no money has changed hands and the case is not over. The defendant says the award is not supported by the evidence and plans to ask for a new trial, and if denied will appeal. A new trial and potential appeal will result in significant delays, further uncertainty, and increased financial distress. In the meantime, this couple may likely experience more financial setback due to loss of wages and ongoing medical expenses and care. If lawsuit funding has not helped the couple to date, it may be a viable option during the potential re-trial or appeal.

Litigation funding would allow the plaintiffs to pay their medical bills and other important expenses that have significantly affected their quality of life. This emergency, non-recourse cash advance is based on the successful outcome of their personal injury lawsuit; credit and employment are irrelevant. There are no upfront fees or monthly payments, and the cash advance is only repaid if, and when the case successfully settles.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, legal finance services can be a life preserver in desperate financial times; it is easy to apply for either online or by phone. If approved, pre-settlement funding can be available in as little as 24 hours. Call or visit us online to learn more about litigation funding and how Lawsuit Financial can help you get back on your feet and withstand the litigation process.

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