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New Reporter Becomes “News” in Florida Auto Accident

Instead of reporting the news, this reporter became the news. A two vehicle automobile accident sent a local Florida reporter to hospital. The violent crash occurred when a driver ran a red light and hit a TV news van. The reporter, Claire Metz, was taken to hospital for treatment of her injuries.

According to local investigating police, the driver of a westbound pickup truck, Drew Clark, evidently reached down to retrieve a shoe that had fallen near his feet, inside the truck. As he bent over, he took his eye off the road, ran the red light and slammed into the TV news van that had just entered the intersection. The van driver sustained unknown injuries; the reporter suffered the major force of the impact, as Clark plowed into the passenger’s side of the van. The impact was so severe that the van rolled and came to rest on the driver’s side. EMS crews took the injured to various hospitals, dependent on the severity of injury. The 24-year old pickup truck driver was charged with careless driving.

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