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New Jersey Wrongful Death Results in $10.2 Million Settlement

This is a rather unusual case, in that the 21 year-old man who died, perished as a result of having wisdom teeth removed by a dentist. Francis Keller went to the dentist to have his wisdom teeth extracted by an oral surgeon. The dentist did not get medical clearance from Keller’s primary care doctor before proceeding with the surgery.

Unfortunately, Keller has an immune disorder that meant any trauma to his body would immediately result in massive swelling. What that meant was that Keller’s body would respond to any medical treatment or surgery as if he had just received a traumatic injury. The process of extracting wisdom teeth is usually done with a surgical knife and involved cutting the gums open to do the extractions. The procedure, in turn, did cause enormous swelling in Keller’s throat, much like anaphylaxis, and he suffocated to death. This settlement was one of the largest oral surgery, dental malpractice verdicts ever.

In this case, Keller’s family was shocked and dismayed that the dental surgeon did not check with his family doctor. It would have taken only a simple phone call to discover that Keller’s circumstances made him a bad candidate for oral surgery. Whether or not there were any other alternatives that may have been an option is not known to this writer.

While waiting for their wrongful death, dental malpractice case to go to court, the Keller’s probably had to deal with unexpected expenses relating to their son’s death in addtion to the usual expenses that is associated with life in America. Grief waits for no man, and the Keller’s may have found themselves worrying about where the money was going to come from to pay the bills. Expenses associated with their son’s death plus the usual bills relating to the mortgage, car expenses, food and medical bills for other family members must be paid, regardless of current circumstance. The Keller’s could have tried contacting a litigation funding specialist, they would have been able to pay everything off immediately.
A lawsuit cash advance is ideal in circumstances such as this; it allows a grieving family to wait for a just settlement rather than having to accept what they must because they need funds to pay their expenses. Lawsuit funding is non-recourse funding; if they had lost their case, they would not pay any of the money advanced back.

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