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Neglecting Your Sidewalk May Cost You More Than The Repair

Cracked and broken sidewalks are one of the leading causes of trip-and-fall accidents. Property owners who fail to keep their sidewalks reasonably safe can be held liable if another person is injured on their property. Defective walkways, failing to clean up debris, broken sidewalk, and more, can all lead to a fall, to liability and to a lawsuit against the person or business that caused the problem or failed to remedy it. Civil law requires compensation for the seriously injured, victim. Because personal injury lawsuits are often hard fought, injured victims may find it difficult to make ends meet until the case settles. When this happens, they may be able to seek financial assistance from a legal funding company.

An Oregon man is seeking $8,000 in medical expenses, $5,500 for damage to his wheelchair, and $50,000 for pain, mental anguish and interruption of his normal activities of life. The lawsuit was filed against J. G. Portland.

Robert P Simon alleges that on July 25, 2013, he was thrown from his wheelchair after hitting a 3 inch raised section of the sidewalk. The lawsuit points to city code which places the responsibility of repairing sidewalks, as well as any potential liability, on the individual or corporation that owns the land abutting the sidewalks. According to the plaintiff’s attorney, the city of Portland sent J.G. Portland a letter in 2006 warning that it needed to repair the sidewalk, but the warning went “ignored.” The sidewalk was repaired after Simon fell and a complaint was filed with the city.

A personal injury lawsuit is often accompanied by financial stress and strain associated; regular bills must still be paid and there are additional burdens of medical expenses. If Mr. Simon finds it difficult to support himself while waiting for case resolution, he may want to investigate lawsuit funding services. Lawsuit funding helps level the playing field by advancing funds to protect valuable assets.

By solving immediate financial obligations, a lawsuit funding company will often prevent a plaintiff from settling too early and for too little. Your credit standing/history, whether or not your are employed, whether you own a home or other valuable asset doesn’t matter to the lawsuit funding company. We care only about the quality of your case and the potential compensation you may receive. And, best of all, repayment is completely contingent upon the outcome of the case. If the case is lost, the funding does not need to be paid back.

If you are involved in a pending slip & fall/premises liability case, or any other type of personal injury case and need financial assistance, lawsuit funding may provide the help you need. Complete an online application or call one of our professional representatives. Don’t settle your case for a lower than full value; consider lawsuit funding from Lawsuit Financial, instead.

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