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Need A Lawyer? Who You Going to Call?

Venturing into the litigation arena can be a daunting experience. If you or a loved one is the victim of a wrong doing and need legal advice, where do you look for an experience attorney? You have several options.

Option 1 – Hire an attorney from a television advertisement. Is this a good choice? Many top-notch attorneys do little or no advertising; they don’t need to; their reputation precedes an speaks volumes for them. These are the professional men and women that Lawsuit Financial has strategic, professional relationships with, people all over the country who specialize in the particular area that you need legal representation for. “Television” attorneys are often excellent lawyers and many handle the only specialty that they are advertising for. Others are not and do not. Some advertise to you and refer your case to other firms. It is up to you to decide whether this is, for you, the best way to pursue an attorney-client relationship.

Option 2 – Search the Yellow Pages. Select the guy with the biggest advertisement, right? Maybe. The same general principle for television ads applies here. There may be little, if any, correlation between large ads and quality legal representation. Again, many are fine lawyers who may specialize in the area that they are advertising for. Some, however, have a lot of money to spend on ads, but have little courtroom talent.

Option 3 – Ask family, friends, and co-workers for recommendations. This may a good option if their case was successfully concluded and was similar to yours. If the attorney did a good job on their case, he will probably do a good job on yours. Sometimes, however, the client forgets to tell you what kind of case the lawyer handled for him. The case you are seeking to pursue may be something he/she dabbles in but does not specialize in. If you are seeking to hire someone to handle your personal injury case, for example, it is important to retain an attorney that specializes in personal injury cases. Your brother’s estate planning attorney may not be qualified to represent you. If, by chance, the referring “friend” was represented by a personal injury attorney, the same attorney may not necessarily specialize in your type of injury case. Get at least three recommendations, speak with each one, before making a decision. Consider example from the medical profession: You are suffering from a heart attack. What doctor do you want to treat you, a heart surgeon or a dermatologist?

Option 4 – Search the Internet. The internet is a “virtual” phone book. Researching lawyer directories may provide a comprehensive profile of attorneys, but how helpful is the information they provide? You are still sifting through and finding hundreds of attorney listings in your area. Who do you choose from all of those?

Option 5 – Call Lawsuit Financial. If you are looking for legal representation, you need to know that you are entrusting your case to an attorney that has your best interest in mind. You need an attorney who specializes in cases similar to yours. Lawsuit Financial can assist you in finding the best attorney available in all 50 states. We have strong relationships with the best attorneys nationwide. Within 24 hours, we will have at least one, most often three top-notch attorneys for you to choose from, and our referral system is absolutely free. Don’t settle for less than the best.

Mark M. Bello, our CEO/General Counsel
, has 33 years experience as a trial lawyer and 11 years legal funding experience. He is the litigation funding industry leader. Lawsuit Financial can provide cash flow solutions and litigation cost financing for the necessities of life while a case is in the litigation process. Call Lawsuit Financial, toll free, at 1-877-377-SUIT (7848), or visit us ate

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