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Multiple Vehicle Crash Seriously Injures Arizona Woman

This multiple vehicle automobile accident seriously injured one woman on Tucson Highway I-10. It happened while a border patrol agent was doing a traffic stop. The five vehicle wreck took place just as the border patrol agent was conducting a traffic stop in the west bound lane of I-10 near the junction of I-19. The agent had stopped a driver and was talking to him. At the same time a VW sedan, driving the center lane, had dropped back to let a merging vehicle in. As it slowed, the VW was rear-ended by a Jeep Cherokee. The VW spun out of control, hit a minivan, slammed into the back of the border patrol cruiser, and this caused the patrol car to hit the vehicle that it had stopped to check.

EMS crews responded and were expecting to see significant damage; only one woman, the VW driver, was seriously injured. She was immediately transported to the nearest medical facility for treatment. The police are launching an investigation into what happened to cause this chain multiple vehicle collision.

Was the driver of the Jeep Cherokee talking on his cell, texting, picking something up off the floor, chatting with a passenger when he rear-ended the VW? Was he under the influence? These are questions that investigators will be focusing on.

Because the VW driver suffered serious injuries, she may consider filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover her medical expenses and property damages, as well as lost wages and pain and suffering. Depending on how seriously hurt she is, she may not be able to return to work anytime soon; she may be permanently disabled. Only time will tell.

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