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Motorist is rear-ended by tractor-trailer, then Broadsided by another tractor-trailer

On a rain day five years ago, a man was driving along a major interstate when a tractor-trailer hydroplaned, crossed the median, drove into oncoming traffic, and hit the rear end of his pick-up truck. When attempting to swerve and avoid a collision, the truck driver’s car spun clockwise and ended up sideways, which was then broadsided by a second tractor.

The driver of the pick-up was initially treated and released from the hospital. Two weeks later, he was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury, suffered cervical spine injuries requiring multiple surgeries, and damage to his knee cartilage. He also suffered from post-concussion syndrome. He filed a personal injury lawsuit two years later against the drivers and the trucking companies alleging that the truckers were traveling too fast for the wet road conditions, failed to follow at a safe distance, and failed to be alert of their surroundings. As a result, the first truck driver lost control and the second truck driver was unable to take evasive action to avoid the crash.

At trial, the plaintiff’s attorney explained to the jury that although the victim initially walked away from the accident, he still suffered serious and permanent injuries. Sometimes it can take time to recognize and diagnosis serious internal injuries, such as a TBI. The jury concurred and awarded the plaintiff $1.05 million.

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