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Motorcylclist Killed By Drunk; Drunk Slammed by Jury

In this wrongful death lawsuit, resulting from an automobile accident, a jury awarded $14.2 million to the family of a woman motorcyclist/passenger who was killed by a drunk driver.

The woman was a passenger on her husband’s motorcycle, when the drunk hit them. The drunk fled the scene in an attempt to avoid responsibility; the woman died a week later and her husband sustained severe crush injuries to his leg, ankle and foot.

The drunk went to prison for four years; the lawsuit was filed against him and the bar that served him; under dramshop laws, if a bar continues to serve a visibly intoxicated person, the bar can be held responsible for the damages suffered by the innocent victims of the drunk driver. In this case, surveillance videos showed how much the defendant had to drink that fateful evening, but the tavern intentionally altered the video. Shame on them. This is one reason why the jury punished them so severely.

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