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Motorcycles and Poorly Maintained Roads: An Accident Waiting to Happen

Roads can be deadly when it comes to motorcycles, particularly if they are not maintained properly. The case of Brad Rowand who received a $1.75 million settlement of his motorcycle accident, personal injury lawsuit, is a tragic reminder. He was suing the county because of the poorly maintained roads. Rowand lost a leg and spent 62 days in hospital as a result of his accident.

It was a well known fact in the community that the road where the accident happened was in serious need of repair. The unmaintained road was over 70 years old; it had seen better days. The neighbors along the route had signs up saying, “Read my lips, pave our road.” Instead of fixing the road, the county repeatedly cold-patched the potholes.

On the day of the accident, 20-year old Rowand and three friends were riding on the road. His bike hit a pothole; the front wheel wobbled and threw him off into a metal pole. The pole took his leg off at the hip. There were doubts he would survive, but, somehow, he made it. Although fitted with a prosthetic leg, scar tissue prevents him from wearing it.

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