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Motorcycle Accidents: Serious Injuries or Death Require Serious Insurance and FInancial Considerations

I recently noticed a report about a sharp increase in motorcycle accidents in the United States. Many motorcyclists or motorcycle owners believe that household car insurance or, perhaps the the insurance of a vehicle that caused an accident involving a motorcycle will, automatically, be responsible for the victim’s medical bills. This is not always the case. While many auto insurance companies in many states include coverage known as Personal Injury Protection (Michigan is the only state that has unlimited 1st party coverage) or PIP, many motorcycle insurance companies do not provide such coverage. This means, in your state and as the result of your accident, if you are injured as a passenger or driver of a motorcycle, you may have no medical coverage, aside from your own private health insurance policy (if you have health insurance). Check with an attorney in your state to determine what your state’s law is in this regard. If you need a referral to a specialist in your area, please visit Lawsuit Financial’s industry exclusive referral service, and we will have an attorney’s name for you within 24-48 hours. With high gas prices, motorcycles have increased in popularity, however, with an exposed body and appropriate automobile-type restraints unavailable to a motorcyclist, the likelihood of serious or catastrophic injury, even death, in a motorcycle accident, is extremely high.

There are certainly steps you can take to avoid serious injury. Drive defensively; stay out of a vehicle’s blind spots; follow all traffic rules, especially speed rules; and most importantly, wear protective gear. Where a properly fitted helmet and protective clothing, for instance.

Since medical expenses and injuries from a motorcycle accident are almost always catastrophic, you are encouraged to contact your insurance company and ask about your coverages. You must be assured that you have the best coverage available to a motorcyclist in your state. Check the limits of coverage in each category and make sure you purchase uninsured and underinsured coverage if these coverages are available in your state. This will prevent you from being limited to the amount of the other vehicle’s liability insurance if you have been seriously injured.

Finally, if you have the right coverages, but the insurance companies are waltzing you around (because, until a judge makes them pay, they can and will waltz you around), Lawsuit Financial is available to provide Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Funding to you and your family. If you have hired a lawyer (we can find one for you if you need us to-see above), filed a lawsuit, but your financial situation is in the toilet because of your disability or the death of a family member, Lawsuit Financial will provide you with the money you need now, then we will step out of the way and patiently wait for our money and profit while you and your lawyer pursue your case. If you win your case, you repay principal and scheduled profit; if you lose, you keep our lawsuit cash, free of charge. We provide motorcycle lawsuit funding, auto accident lawsuit funding, medical malpractice lawsuit funding, slip and fall lawsuit funding, airplane crash lawsuit funding, train crash lawsuit funding, boating accident lawsuit funding, and many, many more types of lawsuit funding. The call to 1-877-377-SUIT is free and so is the advice. Call us today.