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Motorcycle Accident Fatality: Investigation Continues as Lawsuit is Filed

A grieving family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit as the result of a fatal automobile-motorcycle accident that killed the motorcyclist. The motorcycle driver collided with the side of a bus as bus driver was making a left turn. The bus driver said that after stopping at a sign, he proceeded to make a left turn. He claimed he did not see the motorcyclist, that his first indication was the sound of the motorcycle hitting the bus. The victim died the next day, leaving behind a wife and small child.

The family accuses the bus driver of failing to stop, slow down, or swerve to avoid the accident; it claims that he was not paying adequate attention to the road. A preliminary investigation has revealed that the bus driver failed to yield directly prior to the incident. The defendant claims the victim was speeding and that his “half-size design” helmet did not qualify under state or DOT standards. The preliminary investigation also reveals that the motorcyclist may have been speeding.

There are still unanswered questions regarding this case, and it may take several months if not years to settle. If the family wins their wrongful death lawsuit, they can recoup damages covering medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of companionship, and loss of income. Until that time, possibly years from now, this unfortunate family may experience financial trouble from the loss of their loved one.

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