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Missouri Family Wins a $7 Million Verdict in Tractor-Trailer Accident

A Farmington, MO family settled a wrongful death lawsuit resulting from a fatal 2008 trucking accident in Arkansas. Roger Reagan was killed when the driver of a semi-truck crossed the center line while taking a curve in the road. The semi clipped a Jeep Cherokee, crossed the center line and struck a Kia head-on before veering directly into the cab of Mr. Reagan’s semi-truck. Reagan survived the initial force of impact, but was trapped inside the vehicle. When he tried to escape, Reagan fell and became trapped under his truck, surrounded by fire. Twenty minutes later he was pulled free, but died in route to the hospital. Reagan is survived by a wife and two children.

The plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against the driver and the trucking company alleging that the negligent truck driver was overtired, not qualified or properly trained and had two previous license revocations that should have prevented his employment with the trucking company. It was also determined that the negligent driver was hours beyond the maximum hours allowed daily under federal trucking rules. The defendants denied liability for the fatal accident claiming a third-party crossed the center ine and caused the semi-trailers to collide.

The trial focused on the driver’s qualifications to drive a commercial vehicle and the trucking company’s failure to appropriately screen its drivers; trial lasted five days with jurors returning a verdict of $7 million; the company bore 75 percent of the fault, with the driver bearing the rest.

Truck accidents like this happen all the time. Commercial truck drivers who are inadequately trained in driving techniques, safety concerns, and defensive driving can be just as dangerous. It is equally dangerous to impose unrealistic schedules and expectations that encourage drivers to speed or driving while fatigued, despite the safety risks involved.

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