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Missing Stop Sign and 911 Dispatcher Negligence Leads to Pregnant Woman’s Death

Losing a loved one due to another person’s negligence is traumatic, but wrongful death lawsuits are more than just emotional. They can also include the financial burdens of funeral and burial expenses especially if the family is left without expected income. Other financial concerns may include medical bills and daily household expenses. The first step to obtaining justice and fair compensation for losses incurred is to contact an experience attorney. Once a lawsuit is filed, a plaintiff needing assistance paying immediate bills, should contact Lawsuit Financial, an expert in the litigation funding industry.

An Illinois man who recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Stephenson County Sheriff’s Department may be a perfect candidate for our services. His pregnant wife died from injuries sustained in a two-vehicle auto accident. The lawsuit claims that a 911 dispatcher failed to report a missing stop sign at an intersection. The suit alleges that the dispatcher took a call regarding the missing sign, but then took another call and forgot to relay information about the missing sign to the Stephenson County Highway Department. Then, the 911 center had a shift change and no one was ever notified of the missing stop sign. According to the plaintiff’s attorney, the stop sign would have directed the deceased woman to stop, but it apparently had fallen and landed in a nearby field from a storm the night before. The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $4 million.

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